Club Competition Rules

A points competition open to all KO members, separate leagues for men and women

Points are able to be accumulated by running in club vests in the eligible races listed below. Points will count on the top 6 races for each runner.

In each race : 1st KO finisher 10 points, 2nd 9 points, 3rd 8 points, 4th 7 points, 5th 6 points, 6th 5 points. All other eligible runners will earn 2 points per race entered and finished

Races 2019

March : 2nd, Alan Scally road relays: 29th, 3K on the Green: 31st, Tom Scott 10 miles

May : 1st, Snowball race 4.8 miles: 18th, Dick Wedlock 5 miles

June : 12th, Cort Ma law hill race: 22nd, Springburn Parkrun

July : 3rd, Brig Bash 5 miles

August : 16th(tbc), Bella Belter 10K : 24th, Tom Robb 7 miles

September : 7th, Falkirk Parkrun : 15th, Cumbernauld 10K