Sunday Social Run - Non members welcome!


8.30 SUNDAY RUNS EVERYBODY WELCOME TO RUN JOG WALK ...every Sunday a few of us meet at the KLC and leave about 8.30 for a longish run over the next few weeks we plan to group together and jog to the canal.

 As soon as we reach there we plan an out and back 45 minute run and that means everyone's back at the puffer in 90 mins and will have close company particularly at the end (against wind first turn and with it coming back).  Then jog back to leisure centre to put on warm clothes and go to the puffer for coffee bacon roll porridge or the full breakfast (not compulsory).....

if you require an even longer run meet me at 8 for a warm up 2-3 miles or do extra miles at the end.....bring along any friends or family who you think may enjoy this and we can plan for the rest of the summer and winter routes but the object will be on keeping the everyone together throughout and social Interaction at the start and finish....This will be happening and you know where we will be on timing so join us anywhere along the way or even for a coffee after!

Conor WoodsSunday, social